Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources with Flutter Library Integration


To enable interoperability for all information that impacts medical care (including social determinants of health!)

FHIR® - Official Permission

Graham Grieve (who is awesome if you've never spoken to him) and HL7 have given us official permission to use FHIR. FHIR® is the registered trademark of HL7 and is used with the permission of HL7. Use of the FHIR trademark does not constitute endorsement of this product by HL7.


A list of all videos that John has created for this project

THE standard (as far as I'm concerned) for exchanging healthcare information electronically. All of our work is based around this standard, as it is the first true possibility for interoperability within healthcare. We'll discuss how to properly use our package shortly.

We are going to step through how to create and use a very basic app to create a patient on the public HAPI server, and then go and view that patient.

As usual, the FHIR documentation, while complete, is difficult to get through in order to understand how to structure surveys. John has been creating an app to dynamically render surveys from FHIR questionnaires (https://github.com/FireJuun/prapare). So I thought we should step through how to format a questionnaire in FHIR.

I've been working on authentication and authorization for FHIR (including SMART, although not solely). And like so many things, it seems harder than it should be. Google has been giving me problems, so as I work through it, I'm going to document my steps here. This is just setting up the DB online, part 2 deals with connecting it to the app.

In part 2, we're going to actually hookup our application to the Cloud DB we created in Part 1 above.